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Mount Riverview Public School

Register your interest for after school coding classes with Scratch.  Send an email to

Classes will run weekly, commencing on the 30th October for 6 weeks, from 3pm – 4pm at the school library.  Fee $110 or just $10 if you redeem your Creative Kids voucher.  All laptops will be provided.

Term 4, 2019

Term 4 programs run for 8 weeks, from the 21st October to the 13th December.  If a class falls on a Public Holiday, the program will be extended by a week.


Coding Mondays @ Winmalee Term 4

$128.00 incl. GST

Term 4 brings together everything that has been learnt over the year (or whatever amount of time has been spent with us) and puts it into a final showcase project.

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Term 4

FULL STEAM @ Ellison Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

Term 4 we will bring together everything we have covered over the year and celebrate our successes.

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STEAM Tuesdays @ Winmalee Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

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Term 4 – Full STEAM Ahead @ William Clarke College

$270.00 incl. GST

Another term of exploring and creating with STEAM. For years 1-4.

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Senior Robotics @ Richmond Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

In term 4 we will be working on individual projects with Arduino. This class is open to all aged 10 and up.

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STEAM Wednesdays @ Winmalee Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

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FULL STEAM @ Blaxland Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

In term 4 we will build on STEAM concepts from term 3. Suitable for all skill levels, those who are new to Build-A-Mind will learn new ways to create while those who have been with us before will build on their skills.

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Junior Robotics @ Richmond Term 4

$192.00 incl. GST

Term 4 Jnr Robotics

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Join us as we go on a journey to find out what robots are, the purpose they have and how we can create and build our own.  This is a very hands-on class, full of challenges and opportunities to try out your own ideas.  We get to think of solutions to problems we encounter in our daily lives and see if we can design a tool to help.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, so we pick up great skills in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication along the way!

Term 1, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, we will have 3 dedicated locations – Winmalee, Faulconbridge and Richmond.  We are also looking to put a dedicated location in at Kellyville.

It’s not all LEGO®


We  currently have two dedicated after school S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) classes running in Winmalee.  The classes cater for multiple age groups and skill levels and are 90 minutes long, including pack up time.  Classes run from 4pm – 5:30pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for 8 weeks of the standard school term.

Build-A-Mind S.T.E.A.M classes are unique and operate under a very different model to other after school activities.  The sessions are primarily child led and whilst each term has an assigned theme, the children define their own learning.  They are free to choose from a variety of tools, materials and technology and to develop their own creative ideas.  There are no pre-defined learning goals, other than to expand on what was known or done before.  We are primarily focused on social interaction, knowledge sharing, confidence building and creative expression.  This approach ensures that children remain engaged and are able to transfer and apply their skills to their daily lives.

Throughout the term, they will get the opportunity to express their creativity and learn some key engineering concepts whilst building set models as well as their own unique designs.  Gears, axles, wheels, pulleys and motors form part of their building arsenal and we encourage the use of other materials that can be found in and around the home, as this helps the kids to transfer the skills they learn to other environments.

Children are also provided with the opportunity to learn about and incorporate electronics, coding, robotics and other technology into their projects.



We currently have a senior level after school Lego Robotics class running on Wednesdays in Richmond and a junior level class running on Fridays in Richmond.

The senior level class is for children aged 9+ with experience in coding and robotics.  It is focused on learning to build and code different robots, with a core foundation in Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robots. Each class is a succession of the prior class and as such, a full term’s attendance is necessary.  Children work in pairs to help develop collaborative skills and are actively encouraged to problem solve and seek their own solutions to challenges, rather than being given one specific correct method to perform a task.  Resilience and persistence are required.  Classes run from 4pm to 5:30pm for 8 weeks of the school term.

The junior level class is for children from K-3 with little to no experience.  The children will be introduced to a variety of simple robots and learn basic commands to control them.  They will learn about sequencing, algorithms, functions, bugs and more. They will also learn to put together simple mechanisms to allow their robots to move. Classes run from 4pm to 5pm for 8 weeks of the school term.



Coding classes will cover introductory concepts aimed at getting kids comfortable with sequencing, logic, key terms and a variety of programming languages.   This is a targeted class and each session follows on from the previous one.


Coming soon!


DEDICATED LEARNING CENTRE @ WINMALEE – 29a Singles Ridge Road, Winmalee


CREATIVITY CENTRE @ FAULCONBRIDGE – 3/457 Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge


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