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Growth mindset and the ‘learning pit’

  • 12 August, 2019

GROWTH MINDSET & THE LEARNING PIT   Do you know the most powerful 3-letter word you can use in your classroom? “I can’t do it,” moans one student.   “I’m not good at this,” says another.   At this precise and all-too-common…

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision Our vision is to be the first-choice enrichment provider for youth who want to learn, grow and succeed beyond traditional boundaries. We will provide innovative products, modern technology, inspiring mentors and tireless support and encouragement to our students.…

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Targeted programs

Workshops and programs, other than STEAM, follow a more structured path and look to instill an in-depth knowledge base on specific topics. While not strictly outcomes-based, our sessions focus on the children being able to work through a weekly lesson…

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Community Programs

We have recently launched two new and exciting programs: Future Builders and The School of Tinkering. Build-A-Mind works in collaboration with local community groups to teach children the art of coding, robotics, computers, drill, hammers and nails. Together, we hope…

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School Partnerships

We know that offering education around such trends and technology is a time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly exercise. Team that with constant budget cuts and an overloaded curriculum and it’s no surprise that schools are finding it hard to integrate coding…

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) is all around us – it’s a child’s alarm clock first thing in the morning, the milk on their cereal and their electric toothbrush. It’s the bus ride to school, the way they…

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