Holiday Workshops

Build-A-Mind Holiday Workshops are a great way for girls and boys to try out robotics, coding, making and design for the first time or to build on skills they have already developed. Our workshops use a combination of step-by-step instructions and open-ended activities to help children build simple machines and more complex models out of LEGO bricks and to learn how to code.  

We have a variety of workshops available and are introducing new programs all the time.  With half and full day workshops and options available for toddlers up to adults, you will be sure to find a suitable event.  

In order to provide all children with the attention they deserve, our workshop sizes are strictly limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.  Discounts are offered for siblings and multiple workshop bookings.


Apart from being great fun, all workshops incorporate 4 key learning modules-

1. Investigating the world beyond the immediate environment.
2. Recognizing perspectives, others’ and your own.
3. Communicating ideas effectively with diverse audiences.
4. Taking action to improve conditions.

Each workshop follows a specific theme which defines the context in which the above principles will be learnt.  Each theme allows for a number of related robotic LEGO models to be built and programmed, as well as similarly themed coding concepts session . Full day workshops will also include engineering challenges and design elements, as well as an opportunity to capture and showcase achievements using a variety of media. During all sessions, the children will be able to use the examples provided and then to experiment with their own designs and coding ideas.


Build-A-Mind workshops provide children with an outlet for their creative genius; a chance for them to learn and develop key skills for their future, whilst playing and having fun.  During their time with us, your child/ren will get the opportunity to take on new challenges, work in teams with different children and to further develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Although we are best known for our Lego holiday activities, we have plenty more to offer.  School holidays are a great time to try out new things and learn new skills, like coding for kids.  During October, you can learn about coding games using Scratch and Scratch Junior (for younger kids) and expand your Lego building skills with our robotics for kids programs, using WeDo 2.0 and Lego Mindstorms.

You’ll also have a chance to master your digital media knowledge, as you delve into what it takes to be a YouTuber.

Find out more about our exciting holiday activities by clicking on the links below.

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