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S.T.E.A.M. powered programs for inquisitive minds


Ignite a love of learning that will propel your child into the future. Enrol now!

Build-A-Mind offers a range of exciting and dynamic programs that are sure to capture the imagination and curiosity of any child.

Each of our programs gives girls and boys the opportunity to express their individuality and creativity as they immerse themselves in challenges that open their eyes to the magic of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  While getting hands-on with STEAM subjects, our students not only revel in experimentation and discovery, but are preparing themselves for an innovative future, filled with possibilities.

Our Programs 

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Products and programs we use

Our workshops use a wide range of materials to stimulate the imagination and teach children complex concepts. While robotics, engineering and coding are a big part of what we do, we still love to get “old-school” with materials like newspaper, paddle pop sticks, string and even spaghetti!

Some of the more modern tools that we use include:

LEGO® robotics

LEGO® bricks


Raspberry Pi





Hue Animation

Dash ‘n Dot


If you’re looking to purchase or use some of these tools at home, visit our Products page to find what you’re looking for.

Build-a-mind was a fantastic opportunity for our students to be immersed in the world of coding. Interacting with Kerry was amazing, as not only was she extremely professional, but responded quickly to all of our enquiries. Kerry arrived at our school completely prepared to guide us through everything we needed to know – even going above and beyond and providing us with extra resources and useful information. Kerry’s friendly nature made it very easy for the students to remain engaged, with each and every student learning a great deal about coding on the day. We highly appreciate Kerry taking the time and consideration to guide us through these amazing activities, and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Jennifer Awad
Coding With Scratch
We used Build-A-Mind as an incursion for our Year 3 students, The students explored how to use Scratch coding program to create a food chain game. 
Kerry from Build-A-Mind stepped the students through how scratch works and how to create a game. This was done with a half day incursion for the students and then students continued to work on their projects over following lessons.
Kerry was able tailor the incursion to the needs of the unit of work and students mixed ability levels. 
The students really enjoyed the experience and wanted to create more projects on Scratch.
Year 3 teachers St Patrick’s Catholic Primary Sutherland.
Year 3 teachers

Thankyou for such an awesome experience. Once I start looking into Vac care over the summer I will contact you as the kids love the experiences you offer.

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